The Mobile Economic Revolution
25 Mar 2014
The Mobile Economic Revolution

RethinkHIV researcher and Post-Doctoral Fellow in Economics at the University of Oxford, Olivier Sterck, has written a blog for the Centre for the Study of African Economies about mobile use in Africa.

The blog, Mobile Technologies in Africa, based on a panel presentation at the CSAE annual conference, is worth reading in full.

Olivier presents these two images (from the GSM Association via Isaac Mbiti’s CSAE presentation), which speak volumes:


The left-hand image shows GSM coverage in 1999, while the right-hand image shows the dramatic explosion in coverage by 2008. Mobile phone subscriptions in sub-Saharan Africa jumped from 15 million in 2000 to 650 million in 2012.

RUSH is very interested in the innovative use of mobile phone technology to fight HIV/AIDS. We have explored using mobile telephony for HIV prevention and to increase VCT referral rates with several potential partners, including the MTV Staying Alive Foundation. We are always looking for creative, new ideas!

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