Benefits of Schooling as HIV Investment – Vassall, Remme, Watts
2 Oct 2015
Benefits of Schooling as HIV Investment – Vassall, Remme, Watts
POST BY: RUSH Foundation

In a letter to the Lancet Global Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine researchers Professor Charlotte Watts, Dr. Anna Vassall and Michelle Remme write that secondary schooling “might be as good an HIV investment as male circumcision.

The RUSH-funded researchers, members of the RethinkHIV consortium, say that the relevant question is what level of co-investment in education from HIV budgets could be justified, in view of the benefits against HIV. Secondary education is a sound economic investment in its own right but remains resource-constrained in many low-income and middle-income countries.

If the parties interested in HIV prevention contributed to educational funding up to the value of their next best investment (in this case, male circumcision), further schooling expansion could be achieved.

The researchers show that HIV budgets could contribute up to 4% of total costs for an additional year of secondary

Download letter to Lancet Global Health here.