Guidelines for Grant Applications

We expect to receive more applications than we are able to fund. We do not set deadlines for applications. You can apply for a grant at any time. If you are thinking of making an application, please follow these guidelines. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR GRANTS.

What RUSH Does and Does Not Fund

  • RUSH funds innovation in HIV in sub Saharan Africa.
  • We fund pilots or very early stage projects.
  • We co-create with our grantees, but, as a rule, we do not co-sponsor.
  • We do not fund existing research or projects, no matter how ‘innovative’.
  • We do not provide ‘fill the gap funding’ alongside other funding partners.
  • We do not scale-up innovative ideas.
  • We do not fund individuals, only organisations or communities that approach us with unprecedented,  untested, ground-breaking ideas for projects or research.

Before applying:

  • Read about RUSH, and look at our current grants and research funding.
  • Ensure that your application is only for unprecedented research or an innovative, on-the-ground project.

When applying:

  • Make your application clear and concise and no more than one page long.
  • Demonstrate a clear need for assistance.
  • Outline how your project or research fits with RUSH’s objective of funding fast, effective funding  for innovative, disruptive ideas to address the pandemic and its social effects.

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