PUBLISHED ON 25 Jul 2014



RethinkHIV released a Policy Brief based on a research paper by RethinkHIV researchers Michelle Remme, Charlotte Watts, and Anna Vassall.

The Policy Brief warns that an investment such as paying for girls’ schooling can fall through the gaps if we don’t look beyond HIV and take into account broader benefits to education and health.It argues that policy-makers need to stop taking a ‘silo’ approach to budgeting, where one sector’s gain is another sector’s loss.

Actions for Policy Makers

Support the co-financing of structural interventions that have HIV and other health or development benefits.

Be careful about ‘silo’ programming: design programmes to achieve multiple benefits.

Take into account both the costs and benefits of delivery across sectors.

Consider co-financing particularly for programmes with multiple outcomes across different sectors, but for which no sector alone is able to finance the full costs.

Questions for Policy Makers

What opportunities can you see for co-financing?

What are the impediments to co-financing in your country?

Are there opportunities to resolve these?

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