Project date 29 Oct 2015

African Solutions to African Problems: 2015 update

POST BY: RUSH Foundation

Dear ASAP Supporter

July 2015

We want to let you know how your donation has made a difference to the lives of orphaned and vulner­able children in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Thanks to you, we have been able to expand the reach of the ASAP 6-year model and start new drop-in centres with organic gardens, in the most underdeveloped areas of the country. Many more children have access to nutrition, school fees, learning materials, school uniforms, shoes and fees for computer classes. For the caregivers, on-going training programmes have focused on grant-writing, accounting and computer skills, as well as nutrition and permaculture training, so that the women are empowered with the tools they need to establish sustainable organizations and provide holistic care to children.


3.7 million children have been orphaned due to AIDS in South Africa, the world’s hardest-hit country, where some 6.4 million people are HIV+. In South Africa, HIV affects men, women and children. Young women bear the greatest burden and their infection rate is more than three times that of young men. Our Youth programmes have focused on adolescent girls to minimize their vulnerability. Giving a young woman an education often means she marries later and reduces her chances of contracting HIV.


While there will never be one single solution for supporting children affected by the AIDS crisis, the ethos of ASAP’s intervention is that the proposed change must stand in some organic relationship with what they are already doing. Our ASAP model is proving to be effective in a sustainable manner.


It has been a privilege to lead ASAP from its small beginnings to the established operation it is today and I will continue to have a role, where needed.


We have been searching for a new Executive Director of ASAP for some time and I am now delighted to introduce you to Serai Herbst, who took over my role on 1st July. We welcome her passion and exper­ tise to the organisation.


I am so grateful for your continued support. Yours sincerely,

Priscilla Higham


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