Project date 28 Jul 2014

Our Approach to Grants


RUSH aims to avoid well-trodden areas, and create space with our partners for innovation.

Since its inception in 2012, RUSH has trialled different approaches to grant making. We aim to provide fast, effective funding for disruptive ideas to address the pandemic and its social effects.

These can be small in scope, but never in ambition. As a self-funded organisation, RUSH has a higher risk tolerance than most and aims to pioneer new on-the-ground approaches by seeding innovation livelihood improvements, behaviour change, prevention, and stigma reduction.

To date, our approach has seen RUSH work alongside large, existing NGOs to form partnerships with smaller, more fragile CBOs. We have worked with ActionAid and the Staying Alive Foundation. We also work with smaller NGOs that are doing something innovative directly in Africa, such as TackleAfrica and ASAP.

As a rule, RUSH does not co-sponsor. Nor do we scale up existing projects. We see our role as funding pilots or very early stage projects, and generally we like to work alongside our partners to co-create a project or design a grant.

Our Grant Guidelines provide more information on what we do and do not fund. We welcome approaches from innovative players in sub-Saharan Africa. There are some key areas — such as the innovative use of new technology for prevention, improving the situation for women and marginalised communities, and reaching youth — where we are always looking out for innovative ideas.